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For information about our town and its outdoor activities, please visit

Do not miss the Dover Trail, just outside of town, that brings you into old growth stands inside the Damaxyaa Conservancy

More hiking ideas on Moresby island as well as backroad driving maps and campsites can be found at

The Sandspit Visitor Centre rents bicycles during the summer. For a different experience, if you rent a bicycle, you can go 15km to the ferry terminal, and a short 25-minute crossing takes you to the more populous Graham Island, with its many galleries and the beautiful Kaay 'llnagaay Heritage Centre.

Sandspit is the gateway to Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, home of stunning scenery and Haida Heritage sites. Several companies offer kayak, boat or sailing tours into Gwaii Haanas. Moresby Explorers offers 1,2,3, and 4-day guided power boat tours. It is also possible to arrange a self-guided kayak tour. For more information, go to


Abundant wildlife greets you as you explore the island. From the many deer that roam the island to the bald eagles (Guud) that soar overhead, you will be amazed and delighted at the natural beauty of our islands. You might catch sight of the Haida Gwaii black bear (Taan) that inhabits the islands or the whales that occasionally pass through.
Just going out for a walk on the beach right in front of the Bayview Garden at low tide is a great way to see a lot of small sea creatures and the famous colorful batstars. Boots required!

Local art and culture

Haida culture is omnipresent on the islands. This lively culture and its monumental art is inspired by its rich ecosystems and its vibrant nature, right at everybody's doorstep.
This is a place where the concept of interconnectedness is easy to grasp, between the people and the land, between one another, and within nature itself.

The world-class Kaay 'llnagaay Heritage Centre and Haida Gwaii Museum are a must-see on Haida Gwaii, and guests should allow 2 to 4 hours for a full visit. 

For a list of artists of Haida Gwaii and some art available for purchase online, visit Shop Haida Gwaii

For more information on Haida culture and Haida Language, please search online and visit the site of the Council of the Haida Nation  

Bird watching and beachcombing

In Sandspit, you can bird watch and beachcomb on the quiet beaches.

Bayview Garden has a direct beach access, and a walk around the "Spit" is guaranteed to impress the avid birdwatcher.


Fishing charters leave from the local marinas to the west side of the island, where the Salmon are plentiful. Do an online search to find operators. Marine life is extremely rich in the North Pacific waters, and fishing is exceptional. During the salmon run, in late August to October, the islands are teeming with life.

For additional information concerning local attractions, visit our town's webpage.

Contact the local Sandspit Visitor Centre through their Information Page.

For information on kayaking and boating adventures in Gwaii Haanas, visit

For general information on the islands, visit GoHaidaGwaii and download the publications "This is Haida Gwaii - Tadswii'".

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