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The Bayview Garden is an older home by Haida Gwaii standards.

It is built around what used to be the Military Police office (and jailhouse!) of the Alliford Bay Seaplane base in the 1940's. It was a rectangular prefab wooden building, and it now makes up our kitchen and lounge areas.

The MP building was moved to Sandspit after WWII, along with a bunch of other houses from Alliford Bay, and  some of these houses can be seen along the main beach road. They were wooden prefab buildings and all have the same design. These used to be the higher ranking officer's family homes. 

As is typical of homes around the islands, subsequent owners have added to the original building and to its 'charm' or 'quirkiness'.

Recent changes mostly have to do with interior redesigning, painting and finishing. 

During the summer, you may spot a yurt behind the main building. This is where the owner likes to spend the summer, away from the crowd... It is an original mongolian yurt, with the outer canvas layer being made in canada (It is waterproof). It is insulated with sheep felt, the ropes are made of horse hair, and the interior frame is made of local Mongolian wood. The beautiful paintwork is all made by hand. It is a Yurt imported by a canadian company called Groovy Yurts

The name "Bayview Garden" was coined in 2007 by the previous owners, a retired couple from Oregon, who purchased what was then called "Bayview Bungalow".

The original offer seem to have been just what we now call "the cottage" and was likely a self-contained cottage (or bungalow) that was rented out. The B&B formula only started in 2007, and changed to a Guest House offer in 2019. 

The original garden design and most perennials are still the original plants since the previous owners started to work on it in 2006, but the landscaping is slowly changing the way the garden looks as plants grow, die, and ideas change... 

The Bayview Garden Crew

Your host  and owner of the Bayview Garden is Flavien. 

Originally from France, and now also a Canadian Citizen, Flavien has been living in Canada since 2008 and on Haida Gwaii since 2010. Flavien is involved locally in various community project and is a director of the Sandspit Community Society.

He is also a former employee of the Moresby Explorers, a local outfitter and boat tour company, and also the former manager of the Sandspit Visitor Centre, located inside the airport terminal. 

During the winter months he likes to explore the world on his bicycle. He has traveled by bike in Europe, Central America, The US, Mexico, Canada, Taiwan, New Zealand and has done a big tour in Australia, cycling over there for almost 2 years. 

In 2020, with the islands shut down due to Covid and time on his hands, he bought a 27 foot Catalina sailboat on Saltspring Island and sailed it solo, back up to Sandspit. There is a short video of this voyage.

Since 2012, The Bayview Garden welcomes volunteers who contribute to making the Bayview Garden what it is now.

Often during the summer, guests will meet some of them, who are staying at the Bayview Garden in exchange for a few hours a day of cleaning, gardening and helping with other light duties around the property. If you are also interested in helping out, please see our listing on the helpx.net website. We are also listed on Workaway.

Contact us

Bayview Garden  PO Box 38, 401 Beach Road
   Sandspit, BC V0T 1T0



The Bayview Garden is a proud Love Haida Gwaii Business. 

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